Iron Filters

The Air-Max Iron Filter

Bonnyville Water Conditioning has been serving the N.E. Alberta area for 32 years. The AIR-MAX IRON FILTER entered the market place in June of 1992, currently over 3000 systems are in operation.


  • 115V or 220V Air Pump
  • Commercial Sizing Available
  • Chemical Free System
  • Treats Iron from 0-12+ ppm
  • Fights Iron bacteria
  • Helps remove smells from water
  • Built IN-HOUSE to size, for all your needs
  • 6month $ back guarantee
  • 1 year labor warranty
  • 3 year part warranty

Air-Max Iron Remover

Airing out water problems naturally is favored by homeowners when compared to chemical treatment. Homeowners, who use caustic chemicals to solve one water problem, may potentially create other problems. Save time and money with AIR-MAX. Homeowners who use chemical treatment methods spend precious time monitoring water quality and pay high costs for chemicals. Using air to treat water has an advantage in that it is not toxic and can not cause bodily harm.

The first key to success of the AIR-MAX SYSTEM is the Air Pump. AIR-MAX Air Pumps inject pressurized air into the water lines without restricting water flow. Obsolete aeration devices such as venturies or micronizers rely heavily on the well pump system. These aeration devices restrict the flow of water and are not always reliable in providing positive air introduction.

Air-Max Aeration System

The MAXI VENT is an automatic venting device, which is capable of expelling air, and unwanted gases as fast as the Air Pump injects air. The high rate of air turnover allows better oxidation of Iron, Manganese and Sulphur in water. Mechanical type air vents on the market may release air too slowly thus providing an unacceptable air turnover rate.

Our Aeration option aerates the water. The water is aerated at the top of the tank with state of the art technology. The micro bubbles created near the bottom help separate the undesirable gases from the water. Those gases are subsequently carried out of the vent tank. Aeration is necessary for high sulphur levels, especially when combined with high pH and TDS (total dissolved solids) levels.

Standard Installation

Customer Referrals

  • The Air Max filter works great for our home and for helping treat the water for our business. Excellent customer service!
    – Carol from Scotts Meats – Lac La Biche, AB.
  • The Air Max Iron Filter is the best system on the market to remove iron and rust from water. The chemical free system has an added advantage of less ongoing maintainence.
    – Ray Miller from Hoselaw Plumbing – Bonnyville, AB

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Air Max Pump

*Please note: a 220volt duplex electrical outlet is required for the Air Max please contact our office for electrical instructions to be done before equipment is to be installed.

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