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Crystal Max Water Softeners

Water softeners contain resin beads which are charged with sodium ions. As hard water passes through the resin bed, the minerals attach to the softening beads. When the beads become saturated with hardness minerals, they are automatically regenerated. A brine solution is drawn into the resin bed to drive out the accumulated minerals. The minerals and brine are rinsed away with fresh water and the resin is ready to soften your water again.


  • Chrome jacket to reduce condensation
  • Metered environmentally friendly, money saving control head
  • Seperate brine tank for easy servicing
  • Manually gear driven head (No programmable computer issues)
  • Built IN-HOUSE to size, for all your needs
  • 6month $ back guarantee
  • 1 year labor warranty
  • 3 year parts warranty
What is hard water? Water containing calcium and magnesium is called hard water because it turns cleaning into hard labor and generally makes your life harder. The hardness minerals build inside your kettle, water heater, appliances, plumbing fixtures and pipes. They react with soap to form a scum or curd, creating all kinds of problems.

Soft water at your command. Enjoy the difference a water softener makes. Softer, smoother skin. Shinier, silkier hair. Fresher, softer laundry. Sparkling glassware and dishes.

Better for the environment and saves money too … With soft water you’ll use up to 75% less laundry powder, eliminate harsh and abrasive cleaners and dramatically reduce your need for cleaning and grooming products. Add it all up and you’ll see that soft water makes a refreshing difference to your life, helps the environment and saves you money as well.

Money saving regeneration. The CRYSTAL-MAX features a metered control valve. It regenerates automatically at preset consumption, based on your family’s actual water use. The money saving control valve only regenerates when needed. That can mean salt and water savings of up to 50%.

Customer Referrals

  • My new Crystal Max softener has made such a difference with my dishwasher. The dishes don’t come out white anymore.I’m no longer worried about my new washer/dryer set. Thank you!
    – Susan Yadlowsky – LaCorey, AB
  • Our new crystal Max softner works great, but we were also impressed with the prompt, proffesional customer service. I’d highly recommend Bonnyville Water Conditioning to anyone.
    – Richard Papp – Bonnyville, AB

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